Coffee on our Green – 30th April

The weather was kind to us, brilliant sunshine to set things up on our green.  Before 11am residents started to arrive (it was then we realised that we had left the milk in the fridge) as time went on more and more residents arrived to share coffee and cakes.

We have some photos of the event if you wish to see these, then please email

We would like to thank all who helped to make the event a success, it was estimated that 200 residents attended.  We have received positive comments, you have shared your ideas, concerns and we are already working on some, considering others but as you will agree we have to prioritise.

A special thank you to all the volunteers who helped us to run the event so smoothly.

More importantly by your attendance, you have encouraged us to continue, so its onwards to The Big Picnic Lunch on Our Green June 12th at 1pm.  Please save this date.

Thank you again.

SOVRA Committee

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