Zac Goldsmith visited the Shirley Oaks Village

Zac Goldsmith, one of the London mayoral candidates, visited Shirley Oaks Village on Wednesday 9th March, where he was met by the Secretary of SOVRA. In attendance were Dave Greenwood from MORA, Gavin Barwell MP, Steve 0’Connell from the GLA, the Croydon Advertiser  and the BBC.  Zac toured the village and it was pointed out to him where the council proposed to build homes. When it was noted that we, the residents, actually owned the land, he was shocked to learn that the council had not already been aware of this. Zac pledged that if he were to be voted in as Mayor, he would “put a red line through the proposals”, as he was completely against building on Metropolitan Open Land.

We’ll see if those pledges hold up should Zac Goldsmith become the next Mayor of London.

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