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Croydon and District National Trust Centre Spring/Summer 2017 programme

The Croydon and District National Trust Centre has sent us their programme for Spring/Summer 2017: Lunch at Croham Hurst Golf Club Excursion to Highclere Castle, Newbury (see further info below) For information about the Croydon and District National Trust Centre, please go to or contact Angela Swan  (Tel:  020 8657 0158, Email : Read More …

Lighting in the village

From Thursday, 16th February, the lamppost heads around the village will be replaced. This is expected to take around 10 working days to be completed. Please note that during these necessary maintenance works, the lamppost heads being replaced will not work for 2 days at a time whilst the new lamppost heads are being fitted Read More …

Ring found near the allotment entrance

A SOVRA Committee member has found an engraved silver (or silver looking) ring near the side gate to the allotments in Primrose Lane. If this ring is yours, please email, confirming the inscription in the ring as a proof that the ring belongs to you.