Flasher – man exposing himself – be vigilant

It has been stated locally that a man exposing himself has been sighted 4times in Shirley Oaks Village since November.

Not all incidents were reported to SOVRA and unfortunately not all were reported to the police.

Please if you come across any such incident to call 999 immediately or 101 if you leave it till afterwards.

At our meeting with the police in January, we raised this issue, but they did not have any reports regarding these incidents other than the one SOVRA reported. They need the information direct from a ‘victim’ who sights such incidents, to issue an incident number and log an intelligence report to be able to start investigating.

The message from the police is “if we don’t know about it, we can’t investigate it”. Social Media is not a source. You need to contact them directly and immediately.
Keep vigilant and safe

SOVRA Committee

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